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  • Better sex, more intimacy and fun.
  • 100% Natural & Zero side effects
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Cures erectile problems & maximises sexual performance.
Over 100000 capsules sold worldwide.

Thousands of happy customers across the globe.

When I first wanted to try a pill for my erection problems I was very confused between many products but after a lot of research and references I found Grakcu and I am very happy about it and I will recommend it to anyone. Now I take this capsule occasionally and still have erection whenever I need.

Joseph D Chennai

I used to take a local product and sometimes I get headaches the following day. That’s when a friend recommended Grakcu. Ordering and delivery was quick. It’s super fun and has absolutely no side effects. Now my girlfriend loves me even more

Harsha VardhanBangaore

When I thought my sex life is almost over, Grakcu changed it completely. I feel a lot younger and my performance in bed has never been this good. And the best part? no side effects at all. Just go for it.

Mukundhan Chennai

planning for a weekend fun with your partner? Add Grakcu to your packing list. I took it on a Friday evening and I was able to perform well till Sunday. The weekend was made so special and we had the best time.

Rafiq Pune

I’m a bit shy but I have to tell you all this capsule was just magical. My husband has so much stress at work and could not get an erection when needed. A friend suggested grakcu. We had unbelievable fun all through weekend.

Reshma P Hyderabad

Maximise your partner’s

Are you facing relationship issues due to poor sexual performance?

Facing Erectile Issues?

Climaxing too soon?

Replace all these problems with pleasure.

Grakcu capsules

Completely herbal to boost your performance with no side effects.

No need to take it daily unlike other pills! Lasts for 2-3 Days.

Just one capsule is Enough. And turn on only when you need it.

Statistics say 70% Divorces happen due to sexual unhappiness

Grakcu helps you last longer and perform better.

Harder erection

Grakcu capsule acts by increasing blood flow to the penis and allows you to get an erection whenever you are sexually stimulated.

More Endurance And Strength

The potent herbs in Grakcu also work to make your erection last longer, curing premature ejaculation so that you can ensure a satisfying experience for your partner.

Better performance

The natural ingredients of the capsule have been proven to improve your overall strength and stamina, to give you youthful energy.

Powerful Orgasms

Thousands of customers who have tried Grakcu over the years vouch for the miraculously pleasurable experience it guarantees every time they use it.

The goodness of herbs

for a happy you

Active ingredients not only enhance your sexual performance, but improvey our overall health as well.

Schisandra Chinensis (Chinese magnolia) :

Has a tonic effect and calms the nerves.

Goryanka grandiflora

To increase sexual desire, sperm production and motility.


Accelerates sperm motility and improves reproductive health

Made in Thailand. Trusted world over.

Grakcu is a globally marketed brand, certified by the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

It has also been tested and approved by the FDA of Thailand for meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Standards) standards.

While 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex, only 29% percent of women report the same.

100 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Your Best Performance or Your Money Back

Our promise is to dramatically improve your sex life and we are confident of that. In the rare event of your being unhappy with the product, you can simply return the unused capsules in the original packaging within 100 days and get your money back, excluding shipping cost. No questions asked.

How to use Grakcu Pills

Have one capsule 30 minutes before sexual intercourse along with warm water or milk.

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Gracku is made from natural ingredients and is totally safe. We assure you that there won’t be any side effects.

No. You can take Grakcu capsules without worrying if you’ll have a hard-on all day.
The ingredients inside grakcu work only when you are turned on.

We accept returns in case of damaged or missing products. Please contact Grakcu Customer Support within 7 working days of receiving the products, to ensure you get a prompt resolution. Click here to learn more (Return Policy).

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