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In addition to the typical headaches, blowing and poor mood in the days that precede your period, you may feel sex is more painful. We look at potential reasons and how best to cope with the pain, regardless of the time of the month.

So, does sex feel different as you approach your period? Welcome to the club! Welcome to the club! Everything from dipping into the sex desire to a lack of wetness may be caused by hormone changes. The higher and lower levels of your sex life may be closer than you believe to your cycle. We are exploring why sex may be uncomfortable at various times in the month and looking at methods to relieve any discomfort, including the use of lube.

Why does sex ache before your period sometimes?

In your lifetime your mind and body will have to cope with several intruders: poor mood, headaches, bloating and many other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are just a few things that women frequently encounter not very pleasantly, sometimes days before any indication of blood.

Sex may feel strange and even unpleasant just before your time comes. There may be many reasons, from lack of humidity down there to urinary tract irritation which at this time of the month may be more susceptible to infection. Looking over the list of pre-period problems, it is simple to understand why you may find sex off the menu. And even if you are still interested in doing that, it's not difficult to understand why it may require a bit extra to be pleasant and comfortable for yourself.

Of course, no of the time of the month, you should never have to endure unpleasant sex. If you discover that sex is often painful, it is very essential to see your doctor so that they may have a look at the potential reasons as soon as possible.

Is the discomfort in the vagina almost always?

Not at all, you may feel discomfort in and out of your genital region. If you move away from your vagina, vulva, and everything between you, how you feel in other areas of your body will play an essential role in your sexual feeling. That is to say, the more relaxed and at peace, your whole body is, the less likely you may feel sexual discomfort.

For example, if you are more likely to have headaches the week before the start of your period, you may feel a knock-on impact on your ability to relax and enjoy the ride during sex with your partner. Managing any pain is essential for a pleasant experience, wherever it may be.

What could you do about a dry vaginal?

Each woman will discover a vaginal moisture change in her cycle at various phases. If you're drier on a few days but still desire sex, don't let your parade lack wetness rain. You can do a lot to get your juices to flow. After spending extra time in advance or masturbating before inviting your spouse to participate, discover the methods to feel calm and turn on. Oh, and did we mention lube's benefits?

Can lube ease painful sex before your time?

Yes! Lube is a useful little extra toolbox for your bedroom, regardless of the day you bike. Indeed, if you enjoy sex during your period, but it's mild, the lubricant may assist to recharge your natural juices immediately. Durex Naturals Lube is an excellent option before, during, and after your time. It is mild enough to apply everywhere so that you (and your spouse) may move about without any moisture discomfort.

How do you keep an eye on your cycle?

If you find sex more uncomfortable before your period, you may help yourself prepare yourself for any discomfort by knowing the rhythm of your menstrual cycle. On the days when you are usually more sensitive to suffering, you know that you are especially kind and compassionate.

How can I help you talk?

Each woman has a cycle, and times are shared. It may be comfortable to speak with excellent friends if you have ever suffered discomfort during sex at any point of your cycle. They can assist you to look at potential causes for this and they can offer a certain amount of knowledge about things that benefited them. However, if you have persistent symptoms, the best way to talk to your doctor is to worry about them.

Also, please let your spouse know if the sex seems less pleasant. If you want to have sex, but you're afraid it'll hurt, tell your partner that. Tell them where the uncomfortable places are and lead them in what feels nice (and what doesn't). Any couple who appreciates a good experience will take the time and care to make that sex is as pleasant as possible, regardless of the time of the month.

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