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For some girls, a natural tendency during sex is vital to reaching top performance in any event, with security also being a consideration, how can you ensure that you get both when it comes to choosing a condom? The days of relying on your partner to pull an arbitrary condom from their wallet are long gone; now is the best moment for women to take charge of finding the right condom for them.

Of course, selecting a condom may appear to be a simple task, but there is so much to consider; after all, each lady and vagina are distinct.

When it comes to anal sex, how does

For some, it may be a demand for a condom that is latex-free, while for others, it may be a need for an extra tiny condom. For some women, however, the most important consideration is lubrication; the 98 percent regular fixing water-assembled lube contained in the Durex Naturals condom, for example, could make the difference between having a climax and not. Finding the appropriate size and fit for a penis or toy can also make a big difference in your sexual satisfaction.

Are you looking for the best condom to promote satisfying sex? This is our guide to the best condoms for women. You can also look at our Durex condom buying guide for more information that is much needed.

Why pick condoms?

Condoms are fantastic for keeping sex safe and are 98 percent efficient in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) when used properly.

Apart from the fact that condoms are simple to use (if you have any questions, see our guide on how to use a condom), choosing the appropriate condom can help you achieve sexual delight. Let's look into the top conditioners, from Thin Feel to Durex Naturals specially made for females.

What are the greatest condoms for her?

When it comes to sex, women's needs and preferences vary dramatically, and the same is true when it comes to condoms. Condoms don't have to be bulky and visible, despite what a few groups claim. There are numerous options that are small enough for a lady to feel the pleasant of a man's penis

It might benefit you in discussing your preferences with your partner in order to find a solution that works for both of you.

Best condom for a good feel

The Durex Naturals condom is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for a condom that provides security while also assisting with the maintenance of natural inclination oil.

The Naturals condom is designed just for female and is covered in 98 percent regular fixing water-based grease for a normally smooth inclination, regardless of whether it is worn by the male accomplice. The condom is almost as thin as the Durex Thin Feel Classic Condom, making it an excellent companion for a close encounter.

Lube makes sex more pleasurable for some people. Choosing a greased condom can thus be a fantastic way to improve both your health and your happiness. If you're looking for a little more perfection in your sex life,

Condoms from Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated are another excellent option for women. The Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive condom, with its extra-dainty profile that provides a personal sensation, could also be a good option. The Durex Real Feel condom could potentially be a fantastic option. In addition to providing that incredible skin-on-skin sensation, it is also latex-free for those who are sensitive to latex affectability.

The most appealing condom for ladies

While a natural vibe can frequently provide the pleasure you seek from sex, there are times when more happiness or excitement is required. Condoms that are dipped or ribbed can provide some extra fun in these situations.

These condoms are designed to provide a delicate obstruction during proximity, and their unexpectedly genteel surfaces provide that extra bit of erosion and stimulation inside the vagina. Durex Intense Ribbed and Dotted condoms are a fantastic choice if you're looking for something to help you take advantage of sex.

Apt condoms for oral sex

Oral sex can be attractive for both partners. A condom can protect you from STIs when performing fellatio. The sensation of the condom in the mouth can, however, put a damper on the encounter in some cases.

With its slimness and normal inclination grease, the Durex Naturals condom provides a smooth involvement. Enhanced condoms can offer an extra jolt of energy to those who prefer a more active and exciting experience when practicing oral sex.

Do you want to learn anything more about sex? From fanny farts to analingus, our Explore Sex site has you covered. Go ahead and read more now, or take a peek at the variety of condoms available for purchase on the internet.