Panniru Thirumurai

The theological literature in Thamizh is very rich and vast. The panniru Thirumurai speaks of universal welfare and oneness. It stresses that God is one. It teaches love is god. It insists that all living beings belong to one family. The innumerableness of harmony and love presented in this voluminous Literature is capable of improve the outlook of the people all over the world and bringing them together. Dr.Yogisri Balakrishnan is a Siva yogi, His eagerness to serve the mankind, His expertise in the Yoga Sasthras, his attachments to Thamizh literature and above all his devotion to the universal sivaneri, have enabled him to present these volumes to the English readers, especially those who are interested in self Development.

Yoga Food

Very rarely we come across persons who can guide us in a subject. Dr.Yogisri Balakrishnan is such a rare avis. An expert in the yoga system and also in catering. He shares his valuable knowledge with us through this book. This book is a life –time companion. Yoga is essential and relevant for the development of the mind Body and spirit. A global renaissance or movement is required to spread this in a practical manner.

Vinayagar Agaval

Yoga is a way of living. Whatever we do, We need energy for it and we draw our energy mainly from our fitness for the food which determines our fitness for the task undertaken and also makes further progress possible.The Vedas and the Puranas fully explain the Yoga Path. Kumbam is the symbol created by our forefathers to highlight the significance of the Yoga.

Yoga Path

Yoga path introduce the basic concepts with reference to the yoga sutra and the Tirumanthiram. It is a unique method which enables one to live healthy and peacefully. What is more, it also improves you intellectually and spiritually.